Givin’ Back in Style

Givin' Back in Style


Flannel Forever

Flannel Forever

Doll It Up

Bringing super cute crisp white style with a pop of color is Altar’d State’s Team Austin! Accessories are key, like every swirl of whip cream needs a cherry on top, every outfit this year needs those bedazzled beads or spun scarves! Thank you Todd White for our beautiful photographs! Find everything below at!






Color me Happy

I’ve always loved the look of those brilliantly bold head wraps and patterned accessories. So I finally decided to invest in one of our best and brightest new additions at Altar’d State! Find your new favorite accessory at


Stand Out Style

Nothing is more magical than that seamless moment when a photographer captures an array of elements merging together in one single frame. Movement and stillness, emotion and calm, style and comfort collide in the latest images from one of my favorite local Austin photographers Todd White. His photographically fabulous touch captures so many wonderful pieces from Altar’d State’s Fall & Winter line. Altar’d State, based in the South has just recently expanded out as far West as Texas and is taking the fashion world by not only storm but love as well. As a Give Back brand, Altar’d State donates countless time and energy into giving back within the community. They also recently launched their own private label, a portion of which goes to feed, clothe and educate children all over the world. They also carry some beautiful give back brands like 31 Bits, FashionABLE, and Krochet Kids. Check out for any of the pieces depicted in the looks below! And for more information on talented Todd visit Happy Shopping!





Military Monday

I’ve fallen head over heels for the military trends that I can’t turn a corner without seeing. And of course, mixing it up with my favorite fall neutrals….Check out Altar’d State for this look! 







Fall Stripess

A recent trip to Vermont with my mom pushed my normal love for fall into high gear…as well as my need for sweaters, boots, and scarves! Coming back home to the beach has dampened my scenic fall foliage, but not my desire for cozy wear! Find all these amazing at









Top: Black and White Stripes- Altar’d State 

Scarf: Tribal print- Altar’d State

Boots: Frye Lindsay- Altar’d State