DIY: Rustic Wall Photo Frame

I’ve been on the hunt EVERYWHERE for something unique and rustic to house my favorite printed family memories other than just an old frame…nothing seemed to match up to my picky required size, shape and style…so like any innate DIY-er I decided to make some myself! Thank goodness I did because I am absolutely in LOVE (both my empty walls and wallet were happy by this thrifty rainy thursday project)!  Below is a step-by-step how to! 

Supplies Needed: 

-Wood Planks and Square 

        -I used 3 large distressed wood pieces for the backing and a wide pine plank to fit my    8×10 photo’s…the dimensions can be easily altered to fit the desired size and the wood was cut at Home Depot. 

-2 small thin wood strips (used on back to hold wood pieces together) 

-Spare Frame glass 

-Wood Stain 

-Large Sawtooth Hanger



To begin start with the desired wood size to frame your picture, I’m making the mat for an 8×10 photo, so its a few inches larger than that on either side. 



Stain wood to desired shade, I used a combination of Washed Grey, Ebony and Pickling White mixed together to create a washed look. 





Next take your distressed wood (can use any type of wood for this) and line up how you want the variations to lay from the front. Once you’ve decided on the right line up and look, flip the boards over and push them all together, leaving no space in-between the boards. 



On the backside of the boards place the small wood planks an even length between the top and bottom. This will secure and steady the boards together to ensure none fall apart after they are hung on the wall. Using small screws, screw the planks into each panel of the board. (Make sure the screws are short enough so that they don’t pop through the front side!) 



Hammer your Sawtooth Hanger onto the top side of your small wood planks.





Once your wood mat is dry, go back to it and hammer in 4 small nails to hold the picture glass. Make sure your nails have a large lip so they can hold the glass in place. I used black nail tacks to match my rustic look, measuring their placement using the size of my glass. 




Next take your wood mat and place on the front side of the distressed wood planks in the desired position. Screw in all four corners into the wood panel planks. I used long black screws to match my short nails. 



Add desired photo’s and within in few short hours you’ve got a rustic new addition! This rainy day project only cost a whopping total of $14! -Cost of supplies and wood, I had the distressed wood from previous projects but recycled pallet wood is always an affordable alternative! 


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