Splendid Sseko Sandals

My newest favorite discovery not only gives you endless shoe style options, but gives back to those in need! Sseko Sandals is an amazing new company that employs women in Uganda hoping to raise money to continue their education after secondary school, which needless to say is near impossible in such an impoverished country…Sseko Sandals employs young women  in Uganda during the nine-month gap between Secondary School and University giving them the opportunity to earn money they most likely would have not gotten the chance to make on their own. They not only provide them with the means of earning tuition, but help them set up savings accounts, provide financial training & assistance and also set up programs for them to learn english and be involved in community groups! This is only the tip of the iceberg with this amazing company so make sure to check them out online or at your nearest Altar’d State store! 












Vest: Perspicacity Seaside Bazaar (DIY Scarf Vest-Tutorial coming soon!) 

Top: Oldie but a Goodie 😉 

Necklace: 31 Bits (Made by women in Uganda from scraps of paper! Available at Altar’d State) 

Shorts: Free People (Available at AltardState.com) 

Shoes: Sseko Sandals 

Bag: Harbor Tote-Sseko Designs 

Accessories: Altar’d State 




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