DIY: Wall Storage



DIY: Unique Wall storage! 


From Home Depot (or any home improvement store) get 

-1 4×6 pice of plywood cut down to desired size (free cuts at H.D.) 

-Wood Stain 


-Dryer Clamps 

-Wide mouth Mason Jars


1. Take wood, sand down edges and stain to desired color. (I like mine a little more antiqued so I water washed a walnut stain color). 

2. When dry take dryer clamps and nail the smooth end to the desired position on the board. (I measure where my mason jars fit best, and place them there. Make sure the clamps tightening reel is facing out towards you.) 

3. Open clamps as wide as they will go and insert the mason jars. 

4. Tighten down clamps under lip of jar and voila! 

Possible Uses-

-I’ve used them as storage in a small bathroom with cotton balls, bobby pins, and Q-tips. 

-Put some dry moss and colorful leaves or flowers for a seasonal addition. 

-acorns and cinnamon for a holiday smell and look!