DIY: Crafty Cross



Oceanically Obsessed and Craftily Thrifty!  I love my new DIY starfish cross 🙂 

1.) Get a plain wood cross, whichever size you prefer (mine was $2.99 from Hobby Lobby) 

2.) Stain or paint brown (I used mahogany colored stain from Home Depot) 

3.) Lay down one thick layer of Modge Podge once the stain has dried and sprinkle a thick layer of sand on top of the wet Podge. 

4.) Once the glue has dried brush off all excess sand that did not adhere

5.) Take mini starfish and glue on top of sanded cross (I used a small drop of super glue in the middle of each baby starfish so the glue did not show once dried. I purchased my starfish on, a bag of 100 mini starfish for $5. You then have extra for other starfully wonderful projects!) 

6.) Attach a small picture wall hook on the back if you choose to hang or rest up against your favorite bookshelf! 

Happy Crafting! 


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