DIY: Jewelry Organizer



No fuss no muss! Even wall decor can use a few accessories! 

1.) Purchase 1 plank of wood cut to desired size (mine was 2′ long), one roll of chicken wire ($5.99 at Home Depot), and pack of small wall hooks.

2.) Stain and sand wood to desired look. Cut chicken wire to fit plank, wrap around front of board and attach each end to back side using a staple gun. (Make sure to trim edges of chicken wire so they don’t scratch up the wall) 

3.) Screw in wall hooks to bottom of plank, desired width apart from each other. 

4.) Attach wall hooks to back, hang on wall and throw on some accessories! 


DIY: Wall Windowless Shadow Box



Easy as 1-2-3!…BTW 1-2-3 is listed below 😉 

1.) Take any shallow box you have laying around the house (I found mine out at a dumpster!) 

2.) Remove back and paste on ripped book pages with Modge Podge (use one layer, paste pages, once dry use one more layer to seal) 

3.) Hammer back onto frame, attach wall hook and BOOM all done! 

The Death Stare Epitomized

Like any animal owner, I sometimes feel that my animals and I are able to communicate on the same verbal wavelength…and then sometimes no words are necessary for the message being passed along between my silly little creatures. In this case the meaning is clear…”Don’t you f***ing think about it puppy” 🙂 


DIY: Crafty Cross



Oceanically Obsessed and Craftily Thrifty!  I love my new DIY starfish cross 🙂 

1.) Get a plain wood cross, whichever size you prefer (mine was $2.99 from Hobby Lobby) 

2.) Stain or paint brown (I used mahogany colored stain from Home Depot) 

3.) Lay down one thick layer of Modge Podge once the stain has dried and sprinkle a thick layer of sand on top of the wet Podge. 

4.) Once the glue has dried brush off all excess sand that did not adhere

5.) Take mini starfish and glue on top of sanded cross (I used a small drop of super glue in the middle of each baby starfish so the glue did not show once dried. I purchased my starfish on, a bag of 100 mini starfish for $5. You then have extra for other starfully wonderful projects!) 

6.) Attach a small picture wall hook on the back if you choose to hang or rest up against your favorite bookshelf! 

Happy Crafting! 

DIY: Wall Picture Canvas under $5!



So wonderfully easy, breezy and beautifully cost effective! 

1.) First pic out some photo’s and print on normal printer paper from home (mine are 8×10’s) 

2.) Buy some blank canvas from your local craft supply store (mine are a 2pac for $3.99 from Hobby Lobby) 

3.) Trim excess paper from corners of pictures, lay down one layer of Modge Podge (a crafters best friend!) 

4.) Let dry

5.) Lay down one more layer of Modge Podge on top to seal photo, and voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful assortment of homemade photo’s for under $5 a piece 🙂 

PS. I added some paint around the corners of mine to add a little extra touch and cover the excess canvas around the picture. You can also use crackle paint to add a more antique touch. 

Happy Crafting!