Halloween on the Horizon!!

As my absolute FAVORITE month and Holiday of the year draws near, I’m keeping my eyes out for those tasty treats and spooky eats to top last years goulish bash! Here’s a few of my creations from last year! Super easy and an amazing party addition!



Owl Cupcakes

–Chocolate Cupcakes, bake and frost

–Oreos, split in 2 leaving some frosted filling on both sides 

–M&M’s, use on the inside of the Oreo eyes 

–Orange Jelly Beans, for the nose of course! 

Witchy Pumpkin

— Paint features and make the orange green! 

–Use old wig on top

–Witch’s hat, cut paper into a cone and circle, tape together and Voila! 



Spider Cupcakes 

-Dip frosted cupcakes in chocolate sprinkles

-Grape vines for legs! 



Creepy Cake

–Frosting Franken-style 🙂 

Ghoulish Chocolate Pretzel Sticks

–Take chocolate molds and using long pretzel sticks dip into melted chocolate (Walmart $5) 

–Place in the fridge until solid! 



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