Everyone is obessed with taking pics of their furry kids…and so am I! I love my little furry babies… and so photogenic! Either way I couldn’t think of an excuse not to make a gallery pup post 🙂 

Little One Eyed Jack 






And can’t forget about Tink the Stink! 


Fallin into Cold Weather Wear



As the leaves begin to change, so does my closet! Those brights and lights get packed away and exchanged for the subtle coziness of my favorite scarves and sweaters! I just love fall 🙂 

Headband: Vintage Deepa Bands, Altar’d State

Scarf: FashionABLE Scarves, Altar’d State (100% of the proceeds go back to the women in Africa that make them to sustain their livelihood and families! So wonderful!)

Poncho: Altar’d State 

Jeans: DL1961, 4 way stretch denim, they never sag or stretch out! Altar’d State 

DIY: Old and Blah to Rustic Voila!

Always ready and able to take on my next DIY-venture I jumped in head first at the prospect of finally being able to have and enjoy a much missed coffee table! I never realized how much I really used one until the vacant space in front of my couch started to become one in my heart when my plates and feet began hitting the floor with a thud, where a table is supposed to be! Not having the ability or budget to afford my rustic cottage style obsession, i decided to take on the challenge of taking old and drab and creating new and fab! And all for just $40! 

To begin with I started with an old coffee table in much need of some TLC.  (we snagged this gem for free, but any quality item can be found at the variety of thrift stores available in any area!) 



Next I gathered the wood I would use to re-purpose the top. (There were too many scratches and dings to try and sand out but this is also an option!) I used 4 pieces of 1×8 white wood from Home Depot, $7 a pop, and had them cut it to size at the store!  



I then stained the wood to the look I wanted. I like the antiqued washed wood look so I mixed using a white wash stain with the dark walnut. To do this I first stained a layer of the white wash all over the boards and while wet added a light coat of the dark walnut. I used a clean cloth to blend the colors together to get my desired look. (Any color choice would look wonderful though!) 



While the stain was drying I then spray painted the base of the old table with an off-white Rustoleum color. 



After the spray paint was dry I took a light grade sandpaper and went over all the edges and sides of the table to give it that really antiqued look. 



After the wood pieces were nice and dry I lined them up on the surface of the table, (laying a small layer of wood glue on the top to secure the planks) and used black screws to secure the pieces to the table and add some character. 



And Voila! $40 bucks and 40 min later you’ve got yourself a brand new “old” style addition! 

(The final pic does not show the screws I used to secure the table, as I was waiting for the glue to set a bit before attaching them, but this is the final product! ) 

Halloween on the Horizon!!

As my absolute FAVORITE month and Holiday of the year draws near, I’m keeping my eyes out for those tasty treats and spooky eats to top last years goulish bash! Here’s a few of my creations from last year! Super easy and an amazing party addition!



Owl Cupcakes

–Chocolate Cupcakes, bake and frost

–Oreos, split in 2 leaving some frosted filling on both sides 

–M&M’s, use on the inside of the Oreo eyes 

–Orange Jelly Beans, for the nose of course! 

Witchy Pumpkin

— Paint features and make the orange green! 

–Use old wig on top

–Witch’s hat, cut paper into a cone and circle, tape together and Voila! 



Spider Cupcakes 

-Dip frosted cupcakes in chocolate sprinkles

-Grape vines for legs! 



Creepy Cake

–Frosting Franken-style 🙂 

Ghoulish Chocolate Pretzel Sticks

–Take chocolate molds and using long pretzel sticks dip into melted chocolate (Walmart $5) 

–Place in the fridge until solid!